At ND, work is Play.

Do you Play too?

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New Dramatists empowers fiercely talented voices, who immortalize our stories and change our lives.

We know there are people out there who play the way we do. People like you.


We believe you’'re out there in numbers.

We'’re looking to rally you –into a #NewPlayCrew. Snap a pic of yourself, post it to Twitter and tag it with #NewPlayCrew.

Done. We'll mobilize you - with ND insider news. Questions. Debates.


Want more?

Take the next step. Make a gift. We'll publish your name on our #NewPlayCrew web page.


The amount you give, doesn'’t matter. What matters is that you give. Raise your hand and make public your belief that artists deserve space, and resources, to do what they do best. 100% of our budget is contributed by believers, just like you.


Stand up. Give back. Spread the word. Join the crew.